Terms & Conditions

COVID-19 Protocol:

We humbly ask for your patience as we navigate our new normal. We realize that our current situation is fluid and as a result we are expecting to make changes to our plan as needed.

While we cannot open to the public and simultaneously prevent 100% of all germs from spreading, we are proud and confident in the policies and procedures that meet or exceed all recommendations and guidelines.


Children will enter through our main door and exit through the preschool door.

At this time the lobby will not be open for spectators. We ask that you drop your child off at the door and return at pick up. If you absolutely must enter the building you must be wearing a mask. You will also be required to sign in and out with name, cell phone number, date and time for contact tracing requirements.

Our staff will track students in the building with Jack Rabbit.

Class sizes will be reduced to meet social distancing requirements.

All of the equipment has been set up to allow for required social distancing guidelines.

Color coded X’s have been placed 6ft apart on the floor, trampoline podium and the lobby to designate spots for the kids.

Lesson plans will be designed around social distance measures. Each child will have their own station to work. Equipment will be cleaned between classes.

We will prop open doors whenever possible to allow for hands-free entrance.

We will no longer be using cubbies. We ask that your child come to the gym prepared for class in their workout clothes, grippy socks, shoes, hair pulled back and water bottle. Each child will place their belongings on their designated X.


Please have your child use the restroom and wash their hands prior to leaving home.

Your child will be greeted at the door by a friendly staff member to have his/her temperature taken and hands sanitized.

No touch rule is in effect. No high fives, huddles or close contact occurring before, during and after classes. We will most definitely continue our famous 2 CLAPS and Girl Power traditions.

If a child needs a spot, the coach will be wearing a mask. The only exception to this would be if it is a safety issue that does not allow time to pull it up. Our number one concern remains your children’s safety.

Coaches and children will be using hand sanitizer before each rotation (event).

Cleaning and disinfecting of public areas, restrooms, high touch surfaces, and frequently used equipment will take place regularly throughout business hours. Deep cleaning will take place before and after regular business hours.

Maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all of our students and families is going to take work and cooperation from our employees, athletes and parents. We need every family to do it’s part to practice good hygiene and follow our guidelines and procedures. We ask for your patience and support during this trying time.


Balance staff members will be provided instruction/education on COVID-19 prevention and protocols and will be reminded often. Employees will self-monitor and not report to work if they are ill. All employees' temperatures will be taken prior to their shift. Staff members with a fever of 100 or more will not return to work until they have been cleared by a doctor and are symptom free.


Self evaluate your family before coming to the gym. If your child is sick or anyone in your family has been exposed to COVID-19 DO NOT BRING THEM TO THE GYM. We have a very flexible make up schedule and would be happy to see them when they are feeling better.

Anyone exhibiting symptoms will be asked to leave the facility.

If anyone is sick in your home please consider doing a makeup class at a later date.

Please do not arrive more than 5 -10 minutes early. Be prompt for pick-up.

Payment is due on the 25th of the month for the following month. Cards will be charged on the 25th if we have not received payment.

All children over 3 must be masked.

Please label your child’s water bottle.

We recommend a sling bag to keep their personal items.

At the end of class your child will have their hands sanitized, grab their belongings and exit through the preschool door.

Confirmed Cases:

As previously mentioned anyone exhibiting symptoms will be asked to leave the facility. If a child becomes ill during class we will immediately isolate and a parent will be notified for pick up.

If a COVID-19 case is confirmed we are utilizing our contact tracing system to notify anyone possibly exposed. We will reach out to the PA Health Department for further guidance.

Everything about this disease, it’s spread, guidelines, social responses, the needs of our families, community and the financial environment have been in a constant flux. Our plan and procedures for how we address all of these things must be adaptable, purposeful and effective. In order to be all of these things, we must continue to evaluate our policies and procedures, seek out new and sound information and adjust our responses accordingly.

Jack Rabbit Account:

Follow these simple steps to create a parent account, pay online, or enroll in any “extra activities” like camps/clinics or Open Gyms.

Go to balancegymnasticsandwellness.com

Click on the Parent Log In/Class Registration button in the top right hand corner.


Once you are logged in you can follow the website to pay for class, or sign up for certain events!

Auto Withdraw Tuition

At Balance Gymnastics and Wellness we want to make things as simple as possible for you! We can auto-draft your monthly tuition each month with a credit/debit card or E-Check information stored on your account. Accounts will be auto-drafted on the 25th of each of month. If you prefer not to have your card on file charged you can pay via cash or check at the gym on or before the 25th of each month.

Make Up Classes

If we have to cancel classes due to weather or other unforseen circumstances, we will offer a makeup class to anyone that was affected. If your child misses a class through no fault of the gym, we cannot guarantee a makeup class will be available, but we will try our best to accomodate you.

Late Fees

Monthly Tuition is due on the 25th of each month in advance of services. A $25 late fee will be added to any past due account.


  • Balance Gymnastics and Wellness offers 1 10% sibling discount (immediate family only).
  • Balance Gymnastics and Wellness offers 10% off to Military Families (Thank you for your service!)
  • BOGO - When the same child is enrolled in a second class the second class is $45 additional.

Class Closure

Balance Gymnastics and Wellness will be closed on the following Holidays:

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

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